Moc Chau Marathon 2020: notes before joining the tournament

Thursday - 26/12/2019 11:43
Only 10 more days, the Vietnam Moution Marathon 2020 will take place in Moc Chau. Below, BQl Moc Chau National Tourist Area shares some notes for successful and interesting running
Vietnam Trail Marathon moc chau (6)
Vietnam Trail Marathon moc chau (6)
Of course, this article will not go into the admonition trainers carefully or choose the diet while eating a standard diet for the best condition. The following are some considerations when visiting Moc Chau to have a great experience while participating in the run.

1. What's beautiful about Moc Chau in January?

- At this time, apricot flowers have bloomed all over Moc Chau, and in the next ten days, plum flowers may bloom white hillsides, or valleys along the way. Thus, the highlight of Moc Chau in January will be plum blossom, plum blossom. Whether you join the road running 10,21,42,70km you will run through the beautiful white blooming plum forests, pay attention to Na Ka plum valley with over 100ha of plum. 
Na Ka plum valley
Na Ka plum valley in the flowering plum season
- You can also run through the Hmong villages, the friendly people go to the street to see and cheer enthusiastically, you will see the babies in bright red, fluffy, green dresses, on the skirt attached a lot of silver coins white radiant flowers create a happy mourning music. Hmong people are celebrating the traditional New Year, there will be many interesting things for you to learn.
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Hmong people eat Tet
Hmong people eat Tet
- Moc Chau in this season is also available cauliflower, triangle flower. You may not have much along the way, but before and after the day, take some time to explore, the vast green grasslands of the steppe sometimes mixed with the white patches of mustard flowers (you should